Our artist-led online store provides an easy way to browse & buy art, made-to-order especially for you. We specialise in selling collectible art prints directly from the studio and we also create brand-new art editions, which you won’t find anywhere else first. We’re proud to be based in beautiful Cornwall, the UK's second largest creative hub outside of London, and we love sharing our collections with buyers worldwide. 


Our Story 


The Art Eye project was founded by hard-working artists in order to promote great quality, inspirational art within the luxury property sector. Since 2011, we've been lucky to help create some of the South West's most stunning spaces with our amazing clients - building an ever-growing portfolio of beautiful art collections along the way. We're fast becoming the top port of call for interior designers, architects, property developers, private collectors and image-conscious businesses who want to enhance their designs with high-quality, exciting, unique and fairly-traded art. We began our project at Trewidden Studios, near Newlyn, and in 2014, we moved our studio HQ into Jubilee Warehouse, Penryn: one of the most exciting, sustainable, well-designed community workspaces in the country.

What we do 


From our Penryn HQ, we design exclusive art schemes, project manage unique commissions and consult with our clients to deliver the perfect art for any space. If you have a look around the main Art Eye Showcase, you'll see some great examples of our recent work. We also source, design and supply art packages for hotels, rental properties or private companies and reward our registered trade clients with excellent discounts - please contact us for further information.


Why buy online?


We get inspired by our wonderful artists and clients on a day-to-day basis, collaborating together on a wide range of exciting, design-led projects. Sometimes our work can result in brand-new art editions, which we love to share here in our online store. We promote our very favourite prints, commissionable sculptures and a few originals too - perfect for anyone who might want to purchase 'a little bit of magic' for their space. Via our lovely online store, our aim is to open up a new way for everybody to access the best of our creative projects, whilst directly supporting the practices of investment-worthy artists. This is why everything’s at the same price you’d find on a gallery wall, but unlike them, we ensure our artists always get the 'lion’s share' of each sale.


We're here to help


Studio visits are welcome by appointment, or we can arrange for colour/ print samples from our portfolio to be sent by post, for your perusal. And if you need specialist curatorial advice or bespoke sizes, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Our Values


Our mission is to help designers find the right art for their spaces, and to help artists build sustainable art practices. Art Eye's culture of high integrity and direct access to the most talented artists around has been created simply by cutting out the 'middleman'. As artists ourselves, we base our business upon the principles of fair, transparent art trade - for both seller and buyer. We’re committed to the Art Trade Charter, an ethical code of practice by which artists should be paid an acceptable professional rate for the work they undertake. 


For much more info about us and our work, either download our brochure, visit our main site, 'like' our Facebook page, or follow us on twitter @ArtEyeDesign

Our Artists

The Jetty Street Press
Henry Garfit
Paul Wadsworth
Clare Halifax
Cathy Stocker
Emma Johnstone
Charlotte Farmer
Pirrip Press
Catherine Lucktaylor
Julia Cooper
James Eddy
Jen Larkin

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